Diary of a F.A.T. (Fed Up and Tired) Girl

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Title:Diary of a F.A.T. (Fed Up and Tired) Girl
Author:Tanisha Thomas
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From Tanisha Thomas, co-host of Crazy Talk and star of Bad Girls Club, a searingly honest, laugh-out-loud funny memoir of life, love, and rolling with the punches. 

Tanisha Thomas is best known as the hot-headed, larger-than-life diva from Oxygen’s hit show Bad Girls Club. Confident, successful, and never afraid to speak her mind, Tanisha seems to have it all. But appearances can be deceiving.

After years of battling the dreaded scale, seeking self-acceptance in the public eye, and struggling to find The One--or at least one who will pay for dinner--Tanisha is F.A.T.: fed up and tired. On the heels of a toxic breakup and the devastating passing of her father, she decides to throw out her vision of a picture perfect life and make peace with herself. Life might be sending her lemons, but Tanisha is determined to make lemonade . . . or find some chocolate.

In this compelling and wildly entertaining memoir, Tanisha dishes on her journey from Brooklyn to Hollywood and her ongoing search for happiness and fulfillment. From the ups and downs of her reality TV career to her search for love and well-fitting shapewear, Tanisha shares a hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at her unbelievable life story, urging fans to laugh along the way—and learn from her mistakes.